Where the call to action should ideally be placed?

People are always confused about multiple things and there are always different perspectives about everything. One such prevalent question among marketers and designers of landing page is that, where should the call to action be placed ideally for best results?

The call to action is detrimental for any conversion and hence, it decides the fate of your entire campaign and website. Hence, it is definitely a question worth thinking about: Where the call to action should ideally be placed?

How about placing the call to action button above the fold?

Placing the CTA button above is preferred among most of the marketers. This is mainly because visitors will certainly notice the CTA button and there are high chances of this resulting in conversion.

Even if you have a minimally designed webpage, the CTA button when placed above will be prominent and it will certainly be noticed by casual visitors as well, due to which they will definitely get attracted and there will be a fair chance of conversion.

You can have a look at the landing page of various websites that are highly simple, such as Lyft. If you do not want to explain a lot about your website and let users figure it out themselves, it is best recommended that you place the CTA button right at the top, which users will be able to click the moment they visit the landing page. This is beneficial if you have a short and crisp content as users can directly click on the CTA button instead of going through multiple pages.

How about placing the call to action button below the fold?

Many people consider that placing the CTA button towards the bottom means that you are hiding something with it and it will not be visible to visitors immediately when they navigate to your website. Although this seems like a bad idea, if you think more about it, it actually is not!

When your company designs solutions or it offers something that the customer is not aware of, there is no chance that they would click on the CTA button directly without going through the content. It is certain that you will not directly buy a product until you know more about it.

Hence, it is best recommended that you have an explanation which will help the users to understand the product fully before you expect them to click on the CTA button. Place the CTA button only after you place appropriate content that would actually impress the visitors.

As per research, following this approach has helped companies to increase their conversion rate by several folds.

Hence, you need to make sure about where to place the CTA button based on the content and product you have to offer. Analyze your product and how first time customers would perceive it, before you decide on the placement of CTA button.